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       RV Wheelator - Valued Partner

The folks at RV Wheelator are experts at making buyers & sellers happy. You won't find anyone who has the widespread exposure as they do. They make sure your RV is seen by as many eyes as possible, all-over North America. But the most important part is how they provide buyers to sellers and enable sellers to price and sell their RV's without some one in the middle - this novel approach benefits both buyers and sellers.

As a buyer, they bring you a wide selection of RVs at direct seller prices. Save yourself the trouble of haggling with dealers who are more interested in getting the maximum price for themselves than providing a service.

RV Wheelator has been bringing buyers and sellers together to mutually benefit everyone and set you on your way to an open road adventure for you and your family.

The Diesel RV Club is affiliated with RV Wheelator and serves as a Brand Ambassador offering to our members no cost advertising/lead generation services, whenever they decide to list/sell. RV Wheelator advises sellers on RV pricing and lists approved ads to attract potential buyers. Sellers deal directly with buyers and negotiate the sale. No hassles, no negotiations. The price agreed to is firm. RV Wheelator places "no cost" ads to attract buyers and charges the buyer a 5% commission. The Diesel RV Club, an affiliate of RV Wheelator -- Brand Ambassador -- is to receive 10% of the commission on any sales initiated through connections established using either the QR code below or the following link:


Guaranteed Ready Buyer! At your Agreed Price! RV Wheelator® Guaranteed - Fair Retail Price. No Obligation Info-page. List and sell RV’s like Real Estate.

Use the above links to submit RV information. In addition to the RV Information form, you can visit the RV Wheelator website for more information and see example transactions.

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