Join Us to exchange information on RVing and Diesel Engines with diesel enthusiasts on our Diesel RV Technical Forum and by participating in maintenance seminars at Diesel RV Club rallies and newsletter articles. Enjoy fun and fellowship at Club rallies, held across the country, and through the Club’s full-color Newsletter, Travelore.

Attend and support FMCA activites such as area rallies and FMCA conventions by attending Diesel RV Club pre-rallies to all FMCA International Conventions, with others from the Diesel RV Club and being kept-up-to-date on relevant FMCA news through the eNews/Newsletters. ForumPlus members are entitled to attend on Chapter event without joining FMCA or the Chapter. Share tech tips, travel advice, and problem solving with fellow Diesel RV Club members.

Meet interesting people, form lasting , learn more about RVing, swap coach modification and maintenance information, and visit interesting places while creating lasting memories.

Our Chapter offers several types of memberships:

  • REGULAR - Regular members must meet FMCA's membership requirements including ownership of at least a 1/3 interest in a qualifying RV.
  • COMMERCIAL - Commercial members are vendors and suppliers who belong to FMCA as Commercial members.
  • PATHFINDER - Pathfinder members have expressed interest in owning an RV and are seeking knowledge about some or all of Class A, B, and C motor homes, or 5th wheel, bumper pulls, travel trailers or other qualifying RVs.
  • FORUM PLUS - Members of the Diesel RV Club's technical forum may join as Forum Plus members and receive the same benefits afforded FMCA guests and - like all other membership types - enjoy benefits offered by the Diesel RV Club's Valued Partners.

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Share the Love - Refer a Friend

Want to pick up a free year of Diesel RV Club membership and do a friend a favor? The Diesel RV Club has a new member referral program whereby your membership expiration date is extended one full year for each new member that enters your name on the "Referred by" field when completing the membership enrollment form.

When processing new member enrollment forms an email will be issued advising you of your new expiration date when the enrollment form of the new Regular membership is processed for the new member.

To help you recruit new members the Chapter has prepared a tri-fold information and enrollment form that you may download and print.  You can even write your name in the "Referred by" field before you provide it to a friend or an acquaintance you meet during travels.  The Information & Enrollment Tri-fold form addresses frequently asked questions and answers the question Why Join the Club. The other side of the form provides basic information about the Club in addition to the membership enrollment form. Oh, its okay to invite your Face Book and other social media friends.  If your friends decide to join and are not yet FMCA members you can encourage them to join FMCA and earn an additional year on your FMCA membership. A double win! Happy Recruiting!